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For over a decade, I’ve been working with businesses to improve their social media marketing. This experience has challenged me to see the beauty in things that I might have otherwise overlooked.

I have discovered that everything from a construction site to a grocery store to a tube of lipstick, is full of magic! Yes ALL of it! Not only am I looking at a physical object when I take a picture for a client, but I have to imagine a story that goes along with that object in order to create a post for their social media. This allows me to consider, and appreciate, all the hard work that went into each object that I photograph, as well as imagine what kind of adventures that object might contribute to in the future! 

I know it sounds strange, but looking at the world through an iPhone has actually brought me a deeper appreciation of the physical world, and I am truly grateful for that.

Now my goal is to share that gift of observation and appreciation with you!

I have spent the past few years building up a huge catalogue of images that were taken in my ordinary, day-to-day life. They consist of places and objects that unexpectedly caught my eye, and brightened my day! All the images here have been shot on various models of the iPhone; a device that allows me to capture any object, in any place, at a moment's notice. That's what life is made up of, a series of special moments that come and go in an instant.

My wish is that when you enjoy my images, you will be reminded to take the time to look around, and connect to, your own environment.

There is so much magic in the world, and so much of it is right under our noses… which is often the last place we tend to look! 

I hope that you will enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them. 



(For information on in-home consultations in Los Angele area, and one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces click here.)